batari Basic


The batari Basic compiler

All platforms will first need version 1.0 for Windows/DOS. This inclues source code for building on other platforms.

Binaries are available for Mac OS X and Linux:

Mac OS X binaries

Linux statically-linked binaries

Older versions may be made available at a later date.


Stella is a multi-platform emulator that will run on just about anything. z26 is for Windows, DOS or Linux only.

Stella homepage

z26 homepage


An IDE (Integrated development environment) may be helpful to facilitate bB programming.

Crimson Editor is a full-featured IDE that includes many nice features. 2600IDE, on the other hand, was written just for batari Basic and it includes a built-in sprite editor. 2600IDE hasn't been updated in a while and some have reported problems with large source files, so at this time, Crimson Editor is preferred.

Crimson Editor


See the tutorial for details on how to install the IDEs.


batari Basic comes with a DASM executable. However, you may wish to download the full package. Version 2.20.07 is recommended.

DASM homepage

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